Rates Sheet

Labour Rateper Hour*R390.00
Call Out Feeper booking*R280.00
Assessment Feeper printer*R195.00

Most relevant terms relating to prices. Please view our terms and conditions page for full details.

  • We charge a minimum of 1 hour per printer worked on. Except in the case of a job that does not go through to final repair for a variety of reasons, eg quote rejection. In this case we charge half and hours labour per printer that falls into this category.
  • After the first hour we charge in segments of 30 minutes. Anything more than 10 minutes gets calculated as a full 30 minutes.
  • We charge one call out fee per booking, up to 6 printers (or 6 hours, whichever comes first). This means if we are booked for 4 printers and must return over a period of days and the combined time to service and or repair is less than 6 hours we will only charge 1 call out fee.

Limenco Printer Repairs is not Vat Registered

You are more than welcome to contact us with details of your printer problem.


Please Note

per hour * = We charge a minimum of one hours labour per printer we work on.

per booking * = We charge one call out fee per 6 printers (or 6 hours whichever comes first). Bookings for 7 or more printers incur additional call out fee's.

Assessment fees* are only levied when a repair does not take place.

Please see our easy to read terms and conditions page for more information.

Tired of driving around Joburg, standing in queues and waiting for weeks. We make repairs convenient.

We are so confident of our ability to repair your printer that we offer a 3 month location based workmanship warranty.